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News, Specials and Recipes for
April 2008
Watkins Product - NEW Natural Personal Care Line!It is with great pleasure and pride that we introduce to you Watkins New Line of

Click here for all the details!NATURAL

Line of Skin and Body Care

Our Commitment: 95% Natural and Above; Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free; Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free; Paraben Free; Phthalate Free; Mineral Oil, Petrolatum Free; Dye Free

 Specials for April

Food for Thought! Soak It Up!

Italian Seasoning
Vanilla Nut Extract
"Red" Liniment
Jalapeño Hot Sauce
Female Formula
Cranilla Room Spray
Lavender Body Oil
Natural Home Care Kit
Original BBQ Sauce
Organic Beef Seasoning
Black Pepper
Garlic Salt
Cough Medicine
Menthol Bath Soak
Tomato Basil Dip Mix
Coconut Extract
Rosemary, and

... plus lots more!

Canada      USA

Would you put sugar on your steak or your baked potato??  Check your SALT container - chances are, that's exactly what you're doing!!  (Who would have 'thunk it', Salt & Pepper huh?)  Most brands of salt you will find on the supermarket shelf do contain many ingredients other than salt ... Now read the label on Watkins Sea Salt .  You will find ... SALT!

The other thing you may not have 'thunk' about is how much salt is in the pepper blends you buy at the supermarket!  Once again, check your Watkins Pepper Blend - you will NOT find salt anywhere in the ingredient list!!

Little Helper!
Got that Spring-Cleaning "Itch" yet? Scratch it - naturally! - with Watkins Natural Home Care Products! Better for you, your family, your pets, your home, your environment, your world, and this month, your pocketbook, too!    

Tax time!Has the 'tax-man' got you down?  Did you know that by operating a home business, you could not only make money, but SAVE money as well ... on your taxes??  Check with your accountant or local tax office on the benefits that a Watkins home business could offer you ... then give us a call and we will be happy to help you get started!
Your skin is the largest 'organ' in your body and part of what makes it so wonderful is its ability to release toxins from our body through natural sweat, regeneration, etc.  Its unique ability to 'release' also works in reverse - your skin Family also will 'absorb' anything you rub into it!  Many ingredients in skin care products can actually be harmful - from drying, to allergic reaction, to even being cancer-causing!  Watkins is once again leading the way with our brand new NATURAL line of personal care products!
We are all doing our part to protect our environment -
it's time to start thinking even closer to home!  

Click here for all the details!

New Recipes Kid Fun! Special Considerations Specific Needs and Ailments

  • Vanilla Wafers
  • Orange Glazed Ham
  • Spicy Herbed Biscuits
  • Peppered Orange-Walnut Biscotti
  • Buffalo Ribs with Bleu Cheese Sauce

Click here to view all of our monthly recipes!


Egg in Ham Cup

A delicious breakfast - any time of the day!

Barbecue Cups

These are perfect with potato chips and dill pickles - and you can get creative with them, too!


If there are "allergies" or "sensitivities" applicable to you or someone you love, you'll want to check this out to learn about specific product ingredients including:

  • Dairy,
  • Gluten,
  • Salt,
  • Sugar,
  • MSG, and our
  • Kosher Products
  • Seasonal Allergies
    Diabetes Support
    Eye Health
    Heart Health
    Immune System Support
    Weight Management
    Healthy Eating Tips
    Low-Carb Diet Tips
    Everyday Health Tips from Watkins


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