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June 2018

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"Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June." ... Al Bernstein
Personal Success

The extra income from a Watkins Home Business can help you achieve this - whatever it is that you love to do!

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"If a June night could talk, it would probably boast that it invented romance." ... Bernard Williams
Insect Repellents
(Available in Canada Only)
Watkins Product - NEW - Icaridin Insect Repellents
Watkins Product - Insect Repellents

Of course our famous "Great Outdoors" Insect Repellents are Available as well!
To view all of our Insect Repellents, click on the link to my Watkins online store above, then click on your Canadian Flag, and enter "Insect Repellent" into the Search area
Men's Care CollectionWatkins Product - Natural Men's Care Collection

Watkins new Men's Care Collection has become so popular that it's already growing! Along with our wonderful Bergamot & Oak scent, you will want to try our New! Sandalwood Vanilla and Wintergreen & Spruce Body Wash scents!

Try Our Entire Collection:
  • Body and Face Bar Soap (Bergamot & Oak)
  • Body Wash (Bergamot & Oak)
  • Body Wash (Sandalwood Vanilla)
  • Body Wash (Wintergreen & Spruce)
  • Cleansing Wipes (Bergamot & Oak)

    Stock up and Save through June!
  • Cooking Spray

    Watkins Product - Cooking Spray
    One of the greatest kitchen inventions in recent years has been the development of non-stick cooking spray. It allows today's cook to saute, stir-fry, and coat baking pans with less fat than if oil or butter were used. Watkins offers this high-quality, gluten-free cooking spray in a large, economical size, so you can add maximum flavour and minimum fat at every meal!

    Although this product is mostly vegetable oil, the fine spray add such a light coating that virtually no fat (a small fraction of a gram per 1/3 second spray) is added to food - and our special process add the flavour of real butter without the fat! Each can contains almost 1,600 sprays! ... Perfect for keeping your grill clean, too!
    Save $1.00 through June!
    Watkins Gold Medal Trio
    Gold Medal Winners!

    ... because
    only the
    will do!

    Save 10% this month!
    "And suddenly, you know: it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."
    ... Meister Eckhart
    Recipes Kid Fun! Strawberries
    • Summer Strawberry Salad
    • Simply Sweet Cinnamon Strawberry Shortcake
    • Strawberry Tarts
    • Strawberry Bread
    • Strawberry Mousse
    Watkins Recipe - Cinnamon Strawberry Shortcake
    Strawberry-Cherry Butter
    ... and ...

    Fresh Fruit Mountain
    ... mmm, mmm good!

    Watkins Recipe - Strawberry-Cherry Butter
    Look!Special Considerations and Allergy Information: If there are "allergies" or "sensitivities" applicable to you or someone you love, you'll want to check this out to learn about specific product ingredients - Click here for allergy information and warnings
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